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Juan Gomez shares his 5 ways to care for your new exterior paint job.


Juan Gomez, Lead Detailer

1. Washing your vehicle using a Microfiber Wash Mitt with high quality cleaning products -well known soap. Don’t use old towels as they would collect dirt and tend to scratch paint finishes.
2. Drying your vehicle is really important and you’ll want to use 100% cotton Microfiber Shammy or a sheepskin chamois to dry your vehicle. Both are excellent for preventing surface abrasion to painted surfaces.

3. Polish your vehicle. If your vehicle has just come from the body shop with a new paint job it is recommended to wait 90 days before applying wax or paint sealants to freshly painted surfaces. On painted surface use polishes.

4. Continually look for tree sap, tar, bugs, and bird droppings as these can be a threat to your vehicles new paint. If left untreated, it tends to etch the clear coat if left too long.

5. Have your vehicle detailed twice a year so all the impurities are removed. Juan likes Details Plus Auto Salon in Boulder, Colorado for detailing.

Juan recommends Adams Polishes for all detailing purposes. This is a locally owned company based out of Louisville, Colorado and they makes premium polishes. They also offer all kinds of Microfiber towels, and for the exterior plastic pieces, use Adams Detail Spray. He also recommends a tire dressing for the rubber. A vinyl conditioner for the interior trim. And to preserve the interior of the vehicle, Juan recommends tinting the windows due to the amount of sun we get in Colorado.

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