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Insurance preferred programs and what that really means to consumers.

What does it really mean to consumers when their auto insurance recommends them to a Direct Repair Partner (DPR)? It means your insurance company has a network of repair shops that participate in their preferred vendor program and are obligated to meet multiple requirements to maintain their DPR status. These requirements include the following:

• Repair vs Replace
• Use of non-OEM Parts
• Use of recycled Parts
• Cycle Time (Time of repairs and Time of Drop off to Pick up)
• Severity (Total Cost of Repairs)

These programs track the repair shops with KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that measure turn around time in and out of the shop as well as quality of repairs, repairing instead of replacing damaged parts or using used after market parts, non-OEM or recycled parts. In an effort to support the auto insurance cost saving tactics, the DPR has to come within a certain dollar amount, know as the “severity” if they want to maintain their DPR status. This means the focus is not on the safety and integrity of the repair but more about the auto insurance companies who attempt to streamline their process while improving performance as a way to support strategies for increasing their bottom line. These cost saving tactics are not transparent to the consumer and not in their best interest.

As a case in point, we have a customer who brings in their Audi Q5 after it had been repaired by a Direct Repair Partner (DPR). They do a quick door repair instead of a door replacement. As the images below illustrate, the amount of bondo used in an attempt to repair the door left it warped and not to the customers satisfaction.

Instead it is recommended that if you find yourself in an auto accident, you insist the auto insurance company give you the list of repair shops that are Authorized Collision Repair Facilities for your specific vehicle manufacture. An authorized collision repair facility is a repair shop that has taken the manufactures required technician training and has purchased the required tools and shop equipment needed to repair your car. If your repair shop has partnered with a car manufacture to become an authorized collision repair facility, your vehicle is insured safer repairs that meet I-CAR standards and the parts used for repair will maintain the integrity of the original manufacture. Also call the manufacture dealership to inquire who they use for their repairs. And finally, ask family and friends for recommendations of who they trust when it comes to a repair shop.

Thanks to the world of social media, many consumers are becoming more savvy and take the time to research before selecting just any repair shop. Colorado Coach Auto Body is a Authorized Collision Repair Facility for multiple manufactures. We prioritize safety first, cosmetic appearance and will repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition, and to our Industries I-Car Standards.





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