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Benefits of Using an Auto Body Paint Protection Film

VentureShield_Key_Test_Demo_DGenerally speaking, the most money you’re likely to invest is in your home – but your car comes right after that. A brand new, beautiful car is a great thing to own, mainly for its practicality, but it doesn’t mean that you should do whatever you can to keep it looking great for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, the elements, nature and even your own habits are posing great threats to the brand new paint job your new vehicle comes with. With the Auto Body Paint Protection Film, all your worries can be swept away under the rug as soon as you get it installed by a certified installer.

What is the Auto Body Paint Protection Film and How Can it Help?

There are plenty of ways through which you can protect your car’s paint job and design features. Keeping them looking as great as they did when the car rolled up into the showroom could lead to a better resale price if you’re looking to replace it further down the road.

The thin protection layer offered by the Auto Body Paint Protection Film (PPF) is invisible – it won’t modify or change the original design and color of your car. What’s more, it’ll keep the paint and design features safe, protected from the things that would otherwise ruin or damage them.

Installing a good protection film has more benefits than just keeping your car looking great. It’ll also protect the finish from scratches, bird droppings, elemental damage from heat or moisture, and tree sap. The layer constantly rearranges itself so that even tiny scratches that do make themselves noticeable will disappear after a while.

You can wash and wax your car as you would normally do, even with the protection film applied. What’s more, you can completely remove the film whenever you want to, without any damage to your car’s design and color. There’s usually a 5 year warranty in place to reassure you that the auto body paint protection film stays in place and does its job for a long while.

We spoke to Chris Hodgson, an authorized 3M certified product installer who has done over 20,000 cars and he prefers the 3M™ PPF Venture Shield™. Applications for 3M™ VentureShield™ include Door Edges, Door Handle Cavities, Full or Partial Hoods, Protecting Front Bumpers, Rear Fender Panels, Rocker Panels, Side Mirrors, Trunk Ledges.

Chris mentions the 3M training certification course that is required for installers. So when looking for an installer make sure they have gone through 3M training certification to insure the job is professionally installed.

Once your car leaves the body shop consider getting your auto body paint protection film (PPF) soon after and enjoy a beautiful car for longer, without the hassle of having to make sure you do everything to protect it all the time!

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