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Why does it seem to take so long to repair my car?

CCautobodyflyerLosing access to your vehicle can be distressing and there’s no denying that. In the case of an accident, your car could end up in the shop where it will be restored to its pre-accident condition. But to do that, there are several steps the insurance company and the auto repair shop have to go through – steps that require time and attention to detail. This is why you should consider Colorado Coach Auto Body – the place where it may take a bit longer than in other shops, but only because quality, not quantity, is the main drive behind the work people do there.

Details on the Auto Body Repair Process

The first part of the process involves paperwork, for me most part. Authorizations from owner and approval from the insurance company are key to get things moving. An estimate is provided at this stage as well and parts needed for the job are ordered electronically and received.The second stage starts up with quite a handful – disassembling the car and re-inspected. If there are more things found which may pose a problem, notifications will be sent to owner and insurer about supplement damage.

Additional parts will also be ordered at this stage, if they are needed after the thorough inspection. In the third stage, the first repairs will actually be made on the vehicle. New parts are added and corrosion protection is applied to them, while new panels added are checked to make sure they fit properly. Once that’s done, the metal work is inspected one last time and the initial tests are performed and crossed off the list.

The last stage of an auto body repair process involves applying the new paint job and a thorough chemical cleaning stage. Refinishing touches are done and things like wheel alignment, air conditioning and other detailing is done to ensure everything is up to par with sought standards. Once everything is in place, a test drive is done to validate the vehicle for safe usage.

So, as you can see, the auto body repair process isn’t just about bending some frames, straightening some metal and redoing your car’s electric system – it’s a complex task that needs to be performed with the utmost professionalism. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Colorado Coach Auto Body.

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